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Used Chain Hoists? Is That a Good Idea?

by Michael Corkery 23 May 2023


When it comes to investing in a chain hoist, many assume that buying new is the only way to go. There are, however, many compelling reasons why purchasing a used chain hoist from a reputable dealer with a solid warranty can be a smarter choice. Not only can you save significant money, but you can also enjoy reliable performance. Here are five key reasons why opting for a used chain hoist makes sense.

  1. Cost Savings: One of the primary advantages of buying a used chain hoist is the substantial cost savings it offers. Used hoists are often available at a fraction of the price of their brand-new counterparts, allowing you to stay within your budget while still acquiring a quality lifting solution. The money saved can be allocated to other crucial areas of your operations or invested in additional equipment.

  2. Comparable Quality and Performance: Many modern chain hoists are built to last, and many used units have plenty of life left in them. Reputable dealers thoroughly inspect and refurbish each unit before selling, ensuring that you receive a reliable and fully functional product. By choosing a used chain hoist, you can benefit from comparable quality and performance without compromising on the effectiveness of your lifting operations.

  3. Proven Durability: Chain hoists are known for their durability, with some models capable of lasting for decades with proper care and maintenance. When purchasing a used chain hoist from a reputable dealer, you can rest assured that it has undergone rigorous testing and refurbishment. These units have already demonstrated their durability in real-world applications, giving you confidence in their ability to withstand heavy-duty lifting tasks.

  4. Wide Availability: The used equipment market offers a wide variety of chain hoist options, providing you with a greater selection to choose from. Whether you need a specific lifting capacity, lifting height, or specialized features, you're more likely to find a used hoist that perfectly matches your requirements. This flexibility can save you time and effort compared to waiting for a new hoist to be manufactured or customized to your specifications.

  5. Reputable Dealers and Warranty Coverage: When buying a used chain hoist, it's crucial to source it from a reputable dealer who specializes in selling and refurbishing lifting equipment. Reputable dealers offer warranties on their used hoists, providing you with added peace of mind. These warranties ensure that you are protected against any unforeseen issues that may arise after purchase, giving you the assurance that your investment is safeguarded.

Don't overlook the benefits of purchasing a used chain hoist from a reputable dealer. The cost savings, comparable quality and performance, proven durability, wider availability, and warranty coverage all contribute to making used chain hoists an excellent choice. By choosing a reliable dealer and conducting thorough inspections, you can confidently invest in a used chain hoist that meets your lifting needs while keeping your budget intact.

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